Trying to Understand Abdullah Sonata in the cases of Terrorism in Indonesia

The Figure of Abdullah Sonata

From different perspectives on terrorist movements in Indonesia, in fact, according to many people, including ” an impromptu observers” who do not understand that the terrorists are coming like ghosts. He came quietly, lost, then he appeared again. Who is the mastermind and the supporters of everything is always a mystery. Who is the Arjuna and who is the Kurawa was never clearly visible. In general in Indonesia there is also rarely or even no demand for accountability as is often done by radical groups in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

Since the era of riot in Ambon and Poso which was tangible has infiltrated by radical cell Tanzim Ziry Aljamaah Alislqmiyah, until a series of terror with maximum destruction such as; The Bali Bombing, the Australian Embassy Bombing and the Marriot Hotel Bombing, the public only recognizes prominent figures like Noordin M Top, Dr. Azahari, Umar Patek, Imam Samudera, Dulamaten and other phenomenal figures. The name of Abdullah Sonata alias Arman, sometimes called Andri a man born on October 4, 1978, with this entrepreneurial work, does not seem to be widely understood and widely known. Media coverage of the large bombing incidents was the result  of the execution of Jamaah Islamiyah (JI) only raises the figure of a great figure (Amir) Al Jamaah Al Islamiyah only.

While Abdullah Sonata whose last address at Jl. Masjid II Rt 008/06 No 22 Kelurahan Cipayung East Jakarta is rarely mentioned or even almost never reported. Unless the statement of Indonesian National Police officials or Public Relations in media release only. In fact, the man graduated from state elementary school No 2 Bambu Apus in 1991, Junior High School 180 Bambu Apus in 1994, and STM (Vocational School) Sudirman Cijantung in 1997 which besides his daily work as a book trader, has a very central role for the movement with the freedom of important Aljamaah Alislamiyah Noordin M Top.

He has an important role as the Ambon and Poso conflicts intensify. He has a central role for the inclusion of Aljamaah Alislamiyah group armaments wishing to make Ambon and Poso as the center of the Conflicts and AmalyahPractices. The trial also revealed that he was Norinco’s suppliers for Noordin M Top long time before Noordin M Top was captured. Sonata is the son of Ayat Kelana a Government Employment  at the Ciracas Sanitation Department of East Jakarta and his mother named Nani, although he is not very well known, but he has incised blood ink for the growing radicalism of terrorism in Indonesia. He is not a character as caliber as  Amir at Markaziah. But his role is no less important than just the main cell Askary level. Sonata who has siblings Sutina and Suaif has two wives. His first wife is Siti Rohma as a Chairwoman of Crisis Response Area (Kompak) Ambon and his second wife is Fitri Luthfiana Widow of Abdul Aziz.

Preparation Amaliyah

In a series of Trials which open to the public it was revealed that Sonata had been involved in several cases, among them the Case of hiding terrorism information, and the case of sending or moving another person in the case of Bombing the Australian Embassy of Kuningan Jakarta in September 2004. He also sent 2 (two) automatic pistol with 8 rounds to Nurdin M Top. In 1999 he went to Ambon to help the oppressed Muslim Jihad with Aris Munandar Abu Miqdat. In 2003 Upon his return from Ambon he taught recitation teenagers in Cipayung and Bekasi. Simultaneously he also attended Al Manar course at Jl Utan Kayu EastJakarta. There are some friends who actively join Sonata among them Aris Munandar.

They got acquainted when filling a recitation in Nurul Hidayah Mosque Cipayung. Aris Munandar is also often invited by Sonata to help Muslims in Ambon in 1998 and 1999. In 1999 Sonata and his wife and Asep Jaja went to Ambon. In Ambon they live in Waheong the office of Kompak representative of Ambon. The main task of this group or Kompak NGO is to help the refugees, to distribute medicine, giving medical assistance, and to open the clinic. In addition to their main duty they also become teachers in various recitation group. In 2000 Sonata returned to Jakarta and Solo then reported a series of activities to Aris Munandar the chairman of Kompak in Solo and ustad Amlir Syaifa Yasin. A month later he left alone. Since then he has been back and forth between Jakarta Ambon and Solo until 2004.

In May 2004 after the Ambon riots were over they came again to Ambon to provide drug aid for Kompak and Mercy. In addition to Aris Munandar, Sonata has another friend named Faiz Syaefudin who he knew in 2000 because the same member of Kompak. In 2004 while bringing aid to Ambon, Sonata met  Mahfud alias Firdaus who is usually called Tomy who has a very strong desire to go to Philippines for jihad. For that Sonata requested the help of his friend Arnold and Sholeh to facilitate their departure. Still in the same year he became acquainted with Sidik who once met during the RMS ( Republic of southern Maluku ) riots. In various gathering meeting at the office of Kompak Ambon, Sonata also met with Rofik also known Kemal and Aleng. Special to meet Noordin M Top in Solo, Sonata uses Faiz and Usama as intermediaries. Friends and old neighbor in a recitation group in Capayung East Jakarta who also joined is Asep jaja. Together Asep Jaja also in June 2004 they went to Ambon to conduct military training (IDAD) in West Seram. In that practice Sonata joined the chair of the Testers. He also recommended 5 other people to join the exercise.

The acquaintance with The Gladiator Noordin M Top and Departure to the South Philippines

The acquaintance Sonata with Noordin M Top that was facilitated by Usama alias Usman occurred at the beginning of fasting month in November 2004 at the house of Uztad Fathurohman alias Faath in Pekalongan. The topic discussed at the time was to equate perceptions of Fikroh, Technical and Jihad Worship. What Noordin emphasizes is the bombing program and suicide program. Sonata then discussed it with Faiz Syaifudin and with Ustad Muzain in Cipayung at different times. The second meeting with Noordin M Top was then held in UNS Solo Park. Sonata escorted by Usama alias Usman, Noordin M Top delivered by Joko also known Harun.

Still in 2004 Sonata once went to the Philippines together with Faiz Syaefudin at the invitation of Umar Patek to see the beauty of Pawas South Philippines. That’s where Sonata met with Joko Pitono also known Dul Matin and his family. Sonata had learned the concept of the MILF struggle which was weakened by MILF militant Abu Badrin. Abu Badrin was so enthusiastic about accepting every guest from Indonesia. He is also helping to build a house for the home of Umar Patek and friends. To facilitate Sonata movement using the Jakarta Tarakan – Nunukan Tawau Line – onwards to Bonggau South Philippines. In  Philippines Sonata uses the name Abdulrohman. The whole journey is guided by Arham and Arnold. Since then the Sonata actively sends Indonesians to the Southern Philippines. The first shipments to be dispatched are Maulana, Salman and Moses or Musa. But all three were arrested in Malaysia. The second shipment was Ahmad, Ramli and Abunida. And the third sent only 2 (two) people namely Sidik and Mahfud alias Firdaus.

Joko Pitono and Abu Sheikh in Jakarta

After the 2002 Bali bombing Dulmatin whose  original name is Joko Pitono and Umar Patek whose original name is Abu Sheikh went to Jakarta and search for Sonata in Jakarta. Through Faisal in Cililitan to Halim direction  Jakarta Dulmatin and Umar Patek seek sanctuary on  Sonata. Finally for security reasons Sonata get a boarding house for Umar Patek and Dulmatin near the rail station  University of Indonesia (UI) Margonda Raya Depok  for Rp.300.000 (three hundreds thousand rupiah) with the bathroom inside. Unfortunately the place was only occupied only 3 (three) months. Finally Sonata himself occupy that place.

During Dulmatin and Umar Patek in Jakarta Sonata ordered Ramli alias Rambo (a close friend of Sonata while boarding in Kalimalang) to accompany. For the cost of boarding and day-to-day life financing is covered and fulfilled by Dulmatin from the sale of Feroza cars for Rp 40,000,000. (forty million rupiah) belonging to Dulmatin’s brother-in-law in Cilegon. Sonata once received 7 (seven) Norinco 9mm weapons carried by John (ordered by Ali Zein) from Umar Patek who is from  Philippines during the riot RMS when carrying drugs for Alfatah Hospital.

During in Depok Umar Patek and Dulmatin accompanied by Ramli and  sometimes stay there also. Umar Patek to Ramli often asked former friends in STAIN Ambon  who each having an experience departing to Philippines, then to answer the problems Sonata trying to bring Maulana alias Lukman as ex STAIN. The meeting finally took place after Umar Patek stay a week in Depok. Umar patek ask Maulana to go to  Philippines. But since it had never been there then Maulana objected. Then Umar Patek depart to Lampung. Returning from Lampung Umar Patek and Ramli met Arnold alias Arham in the Boarding place. Arnold stayed three days there. Discussion talk about the departure of Umar Patek and Dulmatin and the family left for the Philippines to be arranged by Arnold. Next Dulmatin left for Poso with 5 (five) his children and lived in Kayamaya. From Kayamaya Poso then Dulmatin left for Tawau. Meanwhile Umar Patek remains in boarding house of Depok. Umar Patek departs via Tarakan. Umar Patek and Dulmatin’s travel expense is  still uses the remaining cash on sale of Dulmatin’s Feroza Car.

Cost of living

In the trial explained by Sonata that to sustain his life, Sonata sells religious books, sandals and shoes at Kramat Jati market. The cost for departure of Umar Patek and Dulmatin was derived from their own money and Money transfer from Saleh Syek Muhamad, a senior figure of Alqaedah. First transfer of 50 million rupiah, the second transfer amounted to 60 million rupiah, and the third in 2004 received 100,000 riyals. All funds are sent to  Philippines. Sonata exchange the riyal money in VIP Money Changer Menteng which is divided into 5 parts of each 20,000 riyals then exchanged for the US dollar.

Some were handed over to Faiz to be taken to  Philippines and some were handed over by Ramli to buy a departure ticket. The rest is handed back to Sonata. Sonata himself knew that Ramli had managed to make a series of timer bombs while at boarding house in Depok. Currently Sonata is still in prison. But his ideology is still so closely  attached to his family. Some time ago his wife was deported for wanting to emigrate to Syria. Can the State be defeated? The answer is; we can not stop. The hard approach must be harder. The soft approach should be softer. All must be done simultaneously. We should not be tired of fighting terrorists. Rest assured the country will not lose. Good luck