Increasing National Awareness and Surveillance on Radical Terrorism Threats

The potential threat of national security from terrorism acts in the time period to come is still big, this is due to the root of the problem that triggers terrorism acts which is the growth of radical ideology that uses the name of religion to pursue their goal, that is by altering the nation’s ideology and threatening the safety of the nation with using media information as a propaganda facility and targeting young generations.

According to Prof. Dr. SajidimanSurjohadiprodjo in a certain discussion forum “Terrorism and Government Regulation in Lieu of Law on Anti-Terrorism” that was held in the Forum KajianHarianPelita (FK.HP) in the Pelita Redaction’s Meeting Room, at WismoKosgoro, Jalan MH Thamrin. Jakarta, Monday (28/10) along with The Head of MUI Amidhan as a speaker, considers terrorist as a resistance that is driven by an individual or a group of individual against an enemy that cannot be fought against openly.

¬†Terrorist is also categorized as guerrilla with a target to kill the veins of the government in making decisions. Indonesian intelligence needs to be supported by the society to grow strong and credible; also it needs to be supervised so that it won’t be infiltrated by the interests of other parties. In the occurrence of an individual or a group of individual of terrorists that are making a resistance, it is certain that there is cause behind it, a few experts gave an opinion on how the state of being treated unfairly and being poor or it can also be explained by the emerging state of being treated unfairly due to a trigger of poorness. But it should be clearly noted that the cause of terrorism is not a single factor, if it was said to be poorness, we must view terrorist leaders like Osama Bin Laden which is not considered as poor but instead a millionaire, and also Abu BakarBaa’syir as a figure of JI and JAT in Indonesia that owns wealth and funds that are large enough to fund terrorist training camps in Aceh, to which both facts points out against the opinion of how poorness causes terrorism. The most in depth root of the problem of terrorism is the radical ideology that aspires the power of the government with their final target being to alter the ideology and foundation of the nation with their radical ideology, in which this means that there is political target that they want to achieve. Because this political aim is considered to be a deviation from national commitments and national struggle of Indonesia in creating a unitary state, then a national commitment is needed to fight against. this political aim of radical terrorism with the participation of every element of the society and nation of Indonesia.

There is a change of strategy on the act of terrorism in Indonesia, in a time period of a decade from the year 1999-2010, the main target of terrorism are foreign interests that are in Indonesia such as large Embassies, hotels of foreigners, but since the year 2010 until today the targets of terrorism are police posts, police personnel, national figures and a population that are current at the time of bombing like the book bombing case. This shows a razzle in the population of terrorist networks as a result of a disconnection from sources that are keeping the network alive that originates from the International Al-Qaeda network with Osam Bin Laden as the leader and the strengthening of national pressure on the campaign of militant groups terrorism.
The Impact of Terrorism on the Awareness and Surveillance of the Nation
Terrorist organizations are categorized as a clandestine organization, which means that they do not possess a legal form, but their presence and movement are sensed in an organized manner in society. Terrorist organizations does not possess the power or skill and intentions to start a war openly, due to the state of these ideological terrorist groups in performing their activities secretly and in a mode of undercover with an aim to surprise and build fear widely, by carrying out their act of terrorism with their planning and preparation being undetected by society or by society that are able to detect their indication but are too ignorant and careless, so the act of terrorism could not be prevented just like the Bali Bombings I and II that was accounted as a massive terrorism attack in Indonesia and even the attack of The WTC and The Pentagon on 9/11 in the United States of America.
The lesson that we can take from the 9/11 case is that the impact of the attack was psychological and political for the citizen and government of the United States of America. In which psychologically the citizen of the USA had a growth of awareness and surveillance to their nations on the possibility of another attack of terrorism and politically the US government has launched a “Global War on Terror” with a ”pre-emptive strike” method along with other nations that arc under the coalition. The clandestine and undercover activities by the terrorists group are a part of the intelligence activities, that is why to pre-detect and continue on in the steps of prevention on terrorism effectively is to performintelligence activities using undercover and positive clandestine operations that are driven by intelligence organizations of the country that are strong and credible under the direct surveillance and legislative authority of the country.
But if we view the acts of terrorism in Indonesia, a series of Bomb Bali events has still not impacted psychologically wide in growing an awareness and surveillance of the national citizen that threatens the stability and sovereignty of the country just like the impact of the attack on the WTC and Pentagon in The USA, where the people and government both grew a fond of nationalism especially on the threat of an international terrorist attack that has the operational ability in a clandestine way and strong and wide network that enables the possibility to undergo an infiltrated operation to break through the modern surveillance system and undergo and infiltration on the territory of The USA without being detected.
Efforts on Increasing the National Awarenessand Surveillance on the Threats of Terrorism
That is why we need the role of every citizen and civil organization in the field of religion with the facility of the government through legal governmental institution that owns the function of combating terrorism to give the correct information on the threats of terrorism to the society, so that the same perspective of the society can occur and be made to be aware and be on the look for the threats of terrorism. This program is intentionally targeted for the young generation, students, and every citizen in the territories that are frequently known to be a nest for recruiting terrorists. The propaganda media war of terrorist organization through websites and social networks on the internet and other public media are easily received by young generations without the balanced and correct information that are objective. The current resistance on the efforts of combating terrorisms are frequently brought up by religious figures that are viewed as a positive control in the efforts of combating radical terrorism, to face the resistance of a few realm on the government in combating terrorism needs the efforts of giving the education on how the activities of combating terrorism in Indonesia is not caused by the disease of “Islam-phobia” or the mistreatment of the government to the few civil organizations that are in the field of certain religion, but to realize and build a nationalism feeling of to be aware of the radical teachings or ideology that are using a religious name is considered to be a serious threat on the integrity and sovereignty of the nation. That is why NCTA/BNPT with the support of religious figures, society figures,
and the figure of young generations in the program of The National Campaign for Peace in Indonesia with the goal of Together We Prevent Terrorism needs to be appreciated positively as an effort to fortify the nation from the threats of terrorism and for informative media to fight the growing propagandas of various terrorist groups with the foundation of radical ideology.
Terrorists are a resistance that are driven by an individual or a group of individual against an enemy that cannot be torn down with an open fight. Terrorist are also categorized as a guerrilla with an aim target to kill the government’s veins on making decisions, there are many cause factors behind terrorism, but the most certain root of the problem is a radical ideology that is deviant and uses religious teachings to reach their political aim of altering the ideology of the country. The activities of radical ideology that uses social medias is needed to balance the effort and combat through governmental national campaigns with an endless support from figures and every layer of citizens as a form of an informative education in fortifying the young generations and society from terrorist recruitments, so terrorist acts can be prevented together and create peace in Indonesia.
By Ronny. S.AP, MM., Head of The Sub directorate of Surveillance and Counter Propaganda Directorate of Prevention NCTA

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